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Growth Innovations Pte Ltd to acquire

  • January 10, 2023, a social initiative by fintech startup Credit Sharing Platform Pte Ltd (“CSPPL”), will be absorbed into Growth Innovations Pte Ltd (“GIPL”) (collectively “the Companies), effective on 1 February 2023. On this date, will cease all its marketplace operations and stop taking in donation-in-kind requests. Instead, charities and merchant businesses will be directed to a suite of digital services within GIPL’s capabilities and network.

This decision was taken with considerable care noting the market conditions and post-pandemic economic changes. In summary, organizations (both charities and merchants that works with) have adapted to a new digital norm. This new digital norm centers the work done by, GIPL’s in-house digitalization studio for non-profits, SMEs, multinational corporations, and government agencies.

As such, the Companies find it meaningful and productive to merge the businesses, as opposed to duplicating efforts and running the risk of ‘digital cannibalism’. The Companies remain extremely socially motivated, and remain willing and open to plunge themselves into good causes in any way possible.

GIPL will continue CSPPL’s good work in striking close collaborations with charities, NPOs/NGOs, and SSAs/VWOs in tapping on community assets. Organizations in this category who have worked with will receive pro bono or heavily concessional advice and campaign execution regarding increasing community outreach and in-kind donations through digital technologies and online channels from digital consultants housed under GIPL.

Merchant partners who have worked with previously may reach out to GIPL and prove a continuation in their efforts towards charitable causes, and receive similar benefits as the charities do. Merchant partners will also be presented with GIPL’s suite of digital capabilities for their consideration in expanding their businesses online.

Donors who have gifted their time, effort, and money through are welcome to stay in touch and engage with us should there be a suitable charitable campaign arising, although we now expect these to take on a more ad hoc nature.

The Companies together thank all charities, merchants, and gifters for their belief in We believe this is not the end of, but simply the start of another chapter in which you are each served in a more efficient manner.

All correspondence email addresses ending in [at] will remain active indefinitely. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.