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Growth Innovations Group


Thoughtful Digital Ventures

Growth Innovations Group is a collective of carefully-curated and impactful ventures launched from the ground-up.

Our mandate lies in identifying highly niche growth areas, and stamping down through data-backed execution of digital growth activities., our in-house digital and UI/UX studio, supports the digital execution of our ventures.

Since our inception in January 2022, GIG has completed one merger and we are currently working on another.

Our Ventures makes donations more meaningful through gifts which spell long-term enablement for the lower-income, by connecting merchants willing to sell cut-price goods for a good cause, and public donors who support that cause. The goods, once paid for, will be shipped to a pre-determined charity. partners enterprises and NGOs in their digitalization & innovation journey. We provide management consulting on digital innovations and strategy on a whole-of-business level, and its subsequent implementation. Our consulting work roots itself in data, evidence, and digital user experience.


Swapie is a “pay-upfront, get-cashback” (PUGC) platform for micro-businesses. A business can settle an online invoice in full using cash/PayNow, to get a 1%~5% rebate on-the-spot. We do this by connecting the business to our cashback-hungry consumer credit-card holders. As of July 2022, Swapie is merged with GIG.

The Good Refinery

The Good Refinery was started in order to source, refine, and provide great everyday items for Singaporeans. As our name suggests, a refinery is where great ideas and thoughts are born, and this can only mean that we focus solely on a strong product-demand match for our customers.

Mgmt Consulting

As a Group, we consult businesses on general business issues in helping them achieve their aims. This includes advising business units on growth, finance, and sales channels, both online and offline, such as advertising, partnerships, and events. Growth Innovations is also an experienced project coordinator in this area.

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If you are digitalizing your business or looking to incubate a digital venture with us, please drop us an email.

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